What is online flying?

VATSIM & IVAO both exist for the same purpose - to provide real time ATC (Air Traffic Control) in a simulated environment. When you connect to the server you are able to see other aircraft, join voice communications with the Air Traffic Officers and fly in a very realistic environment!
Both VATSIM and IVAO are professional organisations that have different things to offer online pilots and controllers whilst operating in the SquawkBox/FSInn online environment. Through its members, QVA has been able to forge solid and successful relationships with both services. Qantas Virtual Airways is a partner with VATSIM and has regular organised fly-ins with our own members.

Qantas Virtual Airways demands that all pilots observe professional courtesy when using any online service. When online, pilots represent the public image of Qantas Virtual Airways and as a result should always present themselves with the etiquette and respect deserving of others also online.

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Setting up

Getting connected and started with online flying is the most difficult hurdle to overcome, the reasons are twofold. Firstly there is the misconception that it is a daunting experience to be connected online and to be able to fly, and use all the "lingo" from the start. This is not the case as all of us started as novices at some stage! Secondly, configuring the software seems a daunting task too. Nothing could be further from the truth. The online community and controllers are very helpful to new pilots and workload permitting, will always endeavour to help out where necessary.

There are also plenty of webpages that describe the procedure for installing the software and using it…and just about any problem you encounter has probably been already experienced and documented online by someone else. So how do we go about it then? Well first of all there is a massive, global online community, and a mass of resource out there to help you along the way.

Have a look at:

There's two different pieces of software out there which will enable you to get connected online, you need one of these installed within Flightsim. SquawkBox & FSInn.

Unfortunately for FSInn, the developer website is no longer available, but there is still plenty of resources available on the internet that supports it.

First of all, for FSInn to run you will need two pieces of software, FSInn and FSCopilot.

Both sets of software are fully compatible with FS9 & FSX and only require 1 install for both Flight Sim versions.

Pilot downloads

FSInn Fixes

FSinn has been around for a while and the company that produced it no longer exists. However some enterprising people from VATPAC have made a number of important modifications that are highly recommended and easily installed. They are:
FSInn Load Server Fix
FSInn VATPAC voice room files

Connecting using Squawkbox

The other method to connect online is using Squawkbox. This software can be downloaded from here

Instructions on how to connect using Squawkbox can be found here

For those who use XPlane, a version of Squawkbox compatible with Xplane, along with instructions on how to install it, is here

After installing Squawkbox, you are also encouraged to install the VATPAC voice room patch from here

Connecting using vPilot

The other method to connect online is using vPilot. This software can be downloaded from here

Instructions on how to install & connect using vPilot can be found here