Flight Report

Flight Submitted By
QFA076 Sami Saeed
Departure Airport Arrival Airport
Vancouver International (CYVR) Sydney International Airport (YSSY)
Aircraft Flight Time
B747-438 (VH-OJU) 15.29
CYVR QUIIN T263 ULESS V27 HQM C1418 SEDAR A331 ZANNG 4400N-13100W 4300N-13300W 4200N-13500W 4100N-13700W 4000N-13900W 39N140W 3800N-14200W 3700N-14400W 3600N-14600W 3500N-14800W 3400N-14900W 3200N-15100W 3100N-15200W 3000N-15300W 2800N-15500W 2700N-15600W 2600N-15700W 2400N-15800W 2300N-15900W SOK LEANE CHOKO R584 MCFLY 1900N-16300W 1800N-16400W 1600N-16500W ADOWA B474 NOBAR YSSY
Date Submitted Status
05/04/19 Rejected
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Commenter Comment
Sami Saeed another landing went back because of FSX crashing on me. i had to reload from a saved file .
David Lomas Sorry sami i have got to reject it mate.i cannot make sence of it
David Lomas Sorry sami i have to reject it itdoes not make any scence to me

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