QANTAS Virtual Airways Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Membership at QANTAS Virtual Airways.

1) General

1.1) Every pilot of the Qantas Virtual Airways must respect all the rules which are noted here.
1.2) The QVA Management Team has the right to make changes to these rules without notice and has the right to implement changes at any time they choose.
1.3) All New Members applying for QVA Membership must hold a Vatsim Pilot ID # ,which can be obtained at the following
1.4) Unless they provide us with such ,there application can not be processed.

1.5) We are also now asking during your first month , for our New Members to donate $5 or $10 (1 or 2 pots of beer )a year to the site to go towards the Operating costs (Web Hosting , Software Addons , etc). This has been brought on by some members both new and old ,who simply use the site and never help out in anyway ,whereupon some members have Donated ever year since just after it was created and it is the same people year after year , which we feel isn't fair on the ones that donate and the ones that don't. Last update: Sept 30th 2016.

2) Pilot Requirements

2.1) The pilot must use his/her real identity to join Qantas Virtual Airways.
2.2) The pilot must be able to show professionalism and realism.
2.3) The pilot must respect all other members and the staff of Qantas Virtual Airways.

3) Pilot Activity

3.1) All new Pilots Must Login within 48 hrs of their Membership being Accepted and Complete a Flight (from our Flight schedule)and submit a Pirep within 7 Days of their Membership Application being approved. If no Login ,Flight or Pirep is forthcoming within that 7 days , that Pilot will be moved to Inactive Status. Simply just "Logging In" is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
3.2) When a pilot is moved to Inactive Status he/she will need to contact our Membership Officer at within 7 days .
3.3) Should no reply be forthcoming within that 7 Day period , that Pilot and all Hours will be permanently deleted from our roster.
3.4) All current ACTIVE Pilots must log (1) or more Pireps every 30 Days. Failure to comply with this rule , could result in the Pilot being moved to Inactive Status.
3.5) If an ACTIVE pilot is unable to comply with the Above please contact the Membership Officer by email at
3.6) All Pireps will only be accepted by using the following method QVACars Tracker (smartCars) which is free to all our members and our only method of submitting. This can be downloaded and installed via the Hanger Area on QVA site.

4) Leave Of Absence

4.1) Should any Pilot need to take Leave of Absence due to (Work Commitments ,Holidays ,Sickness,etc ) they can apply for a Leave of Absence Period of not more than 30 days to avoid being removed from the roster due to inactivity.
4.2) Should they require a longer period they will need to contact the Operations staff member to have the period modified.

5) Previous Hours Logged

5.1) Qantas Virtual Airways will accept previous flying hours from other Virtual Airlines ,providing that they are Verifiable. The term verifiable means hours listed on previous VA Roster page ,where your name, pilot ID, and hours are visible and accessible to our Membership Dept ,Vatsim hours alone, will NOT be accepted. You MUST show proof of past affiliation with another virtual airline and these hours must be entered on your original application at time of applying.If you find that we have maybe overlooked those hours when we processed your membership application ,please contact our Membership Dept by email to have it fixed.

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